Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: Hiroshima/Dubya's "war on terra"

Scott Williams jwilli16@san.rr.com
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 03:51:21 -0700

"war on terra" has got sweet f-a in common with any conflict up to and
> including World War II.

how can you possibly call what has happened since September 11 "common" with
any other conflict?

The current haphazard looting of Afghanistan by British, American and other
> 'Allied' forces

"haphazard looting" is what you call this?   I suppose you have a better
resolution to all of this chaos?  Do share.  "Excess arsenal"?  Like we just
want to use up some bullets sitting around?  This is costing us billions!
Billions that could go for such better uses.  It sucks.  Isn't looting when
you go in and steal?  What are we stealing from third-world Afghanistan?

 they are waging an illegal war. For a war to occur, it
> strictly must be between two nations.

an "illegal war"?  "between two nations"?  Is there a rule book on war or
something that you've read?  Do you want to pass that on to Bin Laden?
There are no rules in this.  Bin Laden plowed his planes into our World
Trade Centers.... the first one ripping through my now-girlfriend's
husband's morning meeting in his first week on the job.  There are no
fucking rules.  This is not between two nations.... this is a totally
different animal.

...... have a little compassion for what's going on..... Peter Garrett and
the boys certainly are....