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[Powderworks] Hiroshima/Dubya's "war on terra"

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So are you suggesting that the US stand back and watch these (so called) human beings cause terror around the globe?
I think George Bush and every other leader who are waging this defence for freedom have every right to do what they are doing!

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I reckon that it's always good to have these sort of debates/discussions as
part of the forum. However, I believe that George "Dubya" Bush's current
"war on terra" has got sweet f-a in common with any conflict up to and
including World War II.

I realise that this is an often recurring theme on this mailing list,
however, I believe that the US of A has got a lot to answer for when it
comes to this current round of the US military using up its excess arsenal
on whatever bogeyman's turn it is, i.e. Bin Laden, Iraq, Phillipines, etc.

For a group such as Al Qaeda, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, or any other
militant organisation for that matter, to form, they are more often than not
provoked into being. Since 1949, the United States has been involved in
nearly every conflict involving both government sanctioned and boycotted
militant activities in the 'Second' and 'Third' World.

>From the Congo, Vietnam, Columbia, Chile, Nicaragua, Panama, Haiti, Cuba,
South Africa, Uganda, Burma, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, etc., the might of
the US military-industrial complex has found a reason to sustain its profits
at the expense of millions of innocent civilians and unwilling soldiers.

The current haphazard looting of Afghanistan by British, American and other
'Allied' forces is just another example of western 'democracies' failing to
understand and recognise the reactions that their self-imposed 'freedoms'
produce in the inhabitants of many of these countries. For groups such as Al
Qaeda to prosper and seemingly succeed against the might of the US military
should not surprise anyone who has bothered to read a history book.

Also, the United States should realise that both on the domestic and
international fronts, they are waging an illegal war. For a war to occur, it
strictly must be between two nations. What the US is currently pervading is
a Gestapo style global police force that no-one in the western hemisphere
has the guts to stand up to.

Domestically, many of the laws on 'homeland security' introduced since the
Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 are actually in contravention of up to 13
Amendments in the US Bill of Rights. Scary stuff.

Things to think of, I guess, when dramatic anniversaries such as the bombing
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki occur...

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