Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Kiss that girl

Chris Graham wcgraham at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 2 09:01:22 MDT 2004

> Yesterday I bashed Kiss That Girl for being the least 
> characteristic MO song. 
> So of course I went home and listened to it, and realised I was 
> wrong. I 
> still think the chorus is a bit dull, but the rest of the song is 
> great 
> and full of really groovy bits. I like it and take back everything!
> I have to give the award to Shakers and Movers instead, just 
> because I've 
> never really liked that one. For me, that is a soul-lacking song 
> on a CD 
> where every other song have a strong personality of its own (or 
> what to 
> call it...).

You seem to equate "least characteristic" with "least good".

Although the Oils are characteristically good, I think that some of their least characteristic songs are some of their best.  When people are their most creative, they are more likely to do something that is unique to itself, and that can only make it more precious.

Some of their least characteristic tracks:
  - Nothing Lost, Nothing Gained
  - Scream in Blue
  - A Crocodile Cries

I guess instrumentals are generally uncharacteristic of the Oils, because they have had so few as a proportion of their overall output, though they have had a few.