Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils survey

Peter Mustermann mustermann27 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 2 06:46:39 MDT 2004

1. what's your name?   Guido
2. where do you live?   Bochum, Germany
3. how old are you?   35
4. what do you do for a living?   Civil engineer
5. what was the first song you heard by the Oils?   Best of both worlds
6. how old were you when you heard it?   17
7. what are your two favorite albums, from one extreme to the other?   
Midnight oil - Capricornia
8. favorite energetic song?   Best of both worlds
9. favorite slow song?   Smash the wobbleboard :-)
10. what song(s) defines the Oils?   Best of both worlds, Smash the 
11. what song is *least* characteristic of the Oils?   Bakerman?
12. Martin or Jim?   Beam!
13. what Oils song did you absolutely hate at first and now love?   
14. did you buy any Oils releases totally on faith, without having heard a 
single song before buying it?   yes
15. do you play any instruments?   bass
16. if you could go to any ONE place mentioned in an Oils song, where would 
you go?   Comfortable place on the couch ;-)
17. have the Oils ever inspired you to take any direct action as part of any 
environmental/social activist cause?
Diesel + dust started my interest in their homeland, Australia, with its 
beautiful nature and interesting history - especially the history of the 
native Aborigines. I read some books about their culture – what helped a 
little to understand the country when I visited it first in 1996.
18. have you ever had any Oils-related dreams?   Dreams with Oil? yes, but 
not Midnight oil...
19. Bones or Giffo?   As a bass player I like both (what about their first 
20. what forgotten song deserves another spin?   Who can stand in the way

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