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[Powderworks] Meat-singing/eating Oils

juliensmith at fido.ca juliensmith at fido.ca
Sun Oct 3 07:20:56 MDT 2004

I would be amazed if the "sugar and beef" lyric was not tongue-in-cheek. Were it
a little less obvious, I might have taken them for their word, but I thought
about it a while ago and really, you would DIE on sugar and beef. So yeah, I'm
with you on that. Not sure if it's a McDonald's ref, but it certainly could be.

BTW, I'm basically vegan also but I decided I would prefer not to enter this
conversation considering two vegans named juli(ae)n may be a little too
overwhelming. :)


Quoting Julian Shaw <julian at monkeyfamily.freeserve.co.uk>:

> btw I think out of the two lines quoted so far one is actually a
> contradiction of the other. Warburton is promoting the (sustainable in some
> species) bush tucker diet whilst Poets and Slaves offers a description of a
> Mac D's happy meal.