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[Powderworks] Meat v Veg + Oils?

Kiri W screaminblue88 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 1 22:56:20 MDT 2004

Dave B and All,

I personally have no problem with YOU eating your family dog, or anyone in 
general eating meat of any kind. I am just saying I don't. I don't think I 
am better (or worse) than anyone else. We (humans) all have the freedom to 
make our own choices. I have just made a choice for myself.

On a personal note though. My dog is sitting beside me, happily chewing on 
his "veggie bone". As a "natural canine carnivore" he has never tasted meat. 
He is a Tibetan breed, that through the centuries have been "vegetarian". He 
is now 14 (human) years old,( about 90 in dog years), his teeth are intact, 
his heart is like that of a 2 year old canine, his fur shines, and he has a 
youthful twinkle in his loving brown eyes. Albeit he has a twinge of 
arthritis that keeps him grounded once in a while, he carries on most days 
like a puppy. He has never harmed another creature, and gets on well with 
the other family companion animals and people. He has been an important 
member of our family since the day we brought him home from the local animal 
shelter, after being rescued from a "puppy mill" (dogs bred under inhumane 
conditions for human profit). He has been a friend, a protector, a confidant 
and a companion for myself and 4 other family members. I could no more kill 
and bbq him than I could my son. But hey, I'm just a crazy veggan after all!

As far as you (David) living in Asia and having dog as part of your menu 
choices;  different strokes for different folks. Many races, creeds, 
cultures and religions use "animals" for what they consider to be a means to 
a justifiable end.  Some cultures will pay big bucks to haves North American 
bears slaughtered for the paws, or bile from the liver ducts, to gain sexual 
prowess. I reckon that is probably an enjoyable change from impotence. Who 
am I to judge?

Consider this, in some factions of the Buddhist faith, it is considered a 
"sin" to harm living creatures, and cows are sacred.

The AMA has published studies to indicate that high meat consumption is 
detrimental to human health, causing heart disease, stroke, and many 
cancers.  So, ethics and morals aside, it has been stated by medial 
professionals, that less meat consumption is healthier.

I agree with you totally David, each to his/her own.  My choices are 
personal, as are yours, and I believe mine are the right ones for me, as you 
believe yours are the right ones for you. Who knows?

And this has nothing to do with Oil's songs, it was a thread with NMOC, that 
I responded to, something to do with PG and woodchips. And for all those 
quoting MO songs pertaining to meat, PG was interviewed many years back, and 
he stated he was a vegetarian, although he did enjoy a crustacean or two 

and "Smirks" the family dog

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>Subject: [Powderworks] Meat v Veg + Oils?
>Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 04:19:41 +0000
I don't recall many OILs songs bringing up the issue of meat eaters v 
veggies but I'll join in. KW, I live in Asia and eating the family dog is an 
enjoyable change from pork and chicken. Goes nice with ginger and fish sauce 
although the tail is a tad boney. Each to his/her own.

Dave B

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