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Garrett states his case
By Peter Garrett
June 11, 2004

I SAID yesterday that politics is an imperfect game. And it would have been 
easy for me to stay outside politics as an advocate.

But being an advocate and caring strongly about issues carries 
responsibility and for me that meant making the ultimate commitment to 
furthering the national debate.
I have thought long and hard about the best contribution I could continue to 
make and came to the firm view that was best served by joining the Labor 
It is a serious decision that brings its own challenges.
I have strongly held views in the past on things like the intelligence 
bases. While it's true I've moderated these views over time, that is simple 
recognition of changing strategic priorities.
I also understood before I took this decision I would have to argue my case 
within the party. But if you continue to do so passionately and 
convincingly, that's not compromise.
I'll do everything I can to convince the people of Kingsford Smith that I 
will work as diligently and thoroughly as I have in other parts of my life. 
I'm confident when I spend time talking to them, Labor supporters will back 
me if I'm confirmed as the local candidate.
And I regret there is some apparent confusion about my electoral enrolment. 
The fact remains I've been voting and I've been fully under the impression 
the votes have counted.
But if this experience encourages other people to check their enrolment, my 
lesson will have been worth it.
I also know my political opponents will pick over every statement of my 
past. They are free to do so of course but many actions and words will be 
construed to suit the current debate.
So be it, but it'd be better if it was done in the spirit of mature debate. 
Isolated lines of Midnight Oil lyrics are being plucked out of the air to 
make a point.
Remember, they are lyrics, not political policy. And remember, these are 
songs worked on by a bunch of guys over the years - in other words, these 
songs are more examples of compromise and collaboration.
I want to rise above these skirmishes and that is what I believe motivated 
[Opposition Leader] Mark Latham to issue the generous invitation to join his 
My passion for the environment remains firm. Labor's commitment to 
ratification of the Kyoto Protocol is an important step to address the most 
important issue of all - climate change and global warming.
And as a parent, I also under stand the importance of good hospitals, 
Medicare as the bedrock institution of the health system and quality 
These are my issues. These are Labor's issues. It's a natural fit.

The Daily Telegraph

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