Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: The DVD!

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 10 20:06:09 MDT 2004

Totally agree!  Even though Stand In Line's bass part was originally 
done by Andrew (Bear) James, Giffo did a wicked job with it and was 
smokin' the other songs as well.  Still love the Montreal Spectrum 1985 
version of Sleep, just for the bass part alone.  His vocals were just 
fine...smooth, good harmonies....and he was really fun to watch....all 
that bouncing around, like the Energizer Bunny!  

I'm wondering, however, what the hell he did to his bass....if you look 
close at the zoomed-in shot during Capitol Theatre's "Brave Faces," not 
too long after Pete's altercation with the microphone stand, it looks 
like he did something with bad orange paint and green duct tape to the 
back of the bass.  Perhaps it was the lights, but anybody have ideas as 
to what that was?  The front looks good, but the back looked pretty rough.

Too bad the road life got to him, he should have stuck around.  But I'm 
sure he's not complaining about his present career either.


Jeremie wrote

>Yeah I know, the best! Giffo has a "real" backing voice, I mean his voice does not cover Peter, as Bones did sometimes! Definitly the best bass player in The Oils. Just hear 'Stand in line' or 'Sleep'.