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[Powderworks] Workers Jobs

Andrew Pye apye at bigpond.com
Thu Oct 30 20:14:39 MST 2003

Worst job I have done - cleaning porta-loos after they came back off building sites! They at least came back to us empty yet disgusting nonetheless! That was bad enough so I feel extra bad for the guy who had to pump them out!

Now, after 4 1/2 years at uni getting my BSc (sport and exercise science) and having owned and recently sold my own gym, I am doing my dream job as a personal trainer and living pretty close to my dream life, 200m from the beach on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. So how did I get to this point of living my dreams after cleaning dunnies for a living?!! Midnight Oil of course!

"Blue collared work don't get you know where
You just go 'round and 'round in debt
Somebody's got you on the treadmill mate
But I hop you're not beaten yet"

6 months after I heard that I decided to go to uni and go after what I wanted. Who says Oil's music doesn't impact on people's lives!??!! 

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> >Hi Workers,
> >
> >All these Astrophysicist mails got me to thinking about the different jobs
> >we are holding down and also the jobs we aspire to . . . .
> >
> >I am currently working for a large faceless investment bank (and not
> >enjoying it very much) meddling with computers.  Its quite a big change from
> >the plumbing I was doing for 12 years.
> >
> >If I could have any job in the world I would be a race car driver, not for
> >the glamour or the girls but because it is such fun mixing it up at high
> >speed on the track and I would love to give high speed rides to disabled /
> >less fortunate children, it would be such a buzz to see their infectious
> >grins afterwards (hopefully they wouldn't be traumatised by it!).
> >
> >I have also filleted fish for a living, worked in restaurant kitchens, been
> >a service manager, cleaned up rubbish on building sites, made tubular steel
> >furniture, done a couple of stints in retail and am currently investigating
> >working for a company that make some very opulent and fast speedboats.
> >
> >Any one else feel like 'fessing up?
> >
> >Trug
> >
> >
> >Nothing's as precious as a hole in the ground.
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