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LeftyZ@aol.com LeftyZ@aol.com
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 16:24:11 EST

In a message dated 3/27/03 1:03:44 PM, dmanwi@yahoo.com writes:

<< I completely agree with Nina.

I don't mind if people of other countries don't like
America (whatever the reason).  I just don't agree
with letting dictatitorial governments supressing
free-speach and abusing human rights.  It is also
different if a country develops weapons and if they
actually use them.  I also don' think it is right for
a government to allow religious groups and the
educational system to promote hate of other cultures
and religions. >>


The question is, even assuming any of what you said is true of Iraq, does 
this justify/lead to the conclusion that some country should kill thousands 
of their soldiers, who knows how many civilians and kids, and level their 
cities -- with a horrible, terrifying war machine that makes that country 
look like the bad guys to most of the rest of the planet?

And does it mean WE have to do it?

And does it mean we shouldn't have even attempted more containment and diplom
acy (and, for god's sake, ANYTHING but WAR) before we became KILLERS?  
Shouldn't a war like this always always always be the last last last resort?