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Tsk tsk tsk, what does this prove Nina? That the Iraqis, who hate the US, were glad about an act of terrorism against the US and made a mural about it. Does that make them part of it? No! Unless they can prove this mural was made before 9/11, it hardly means much.
Besides, the drips of news from CNN never very detailed and always quite biaised are always suspect to me...a priori.

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> for those of you who think sadam has no connection to 9/11 (let's not be so
> naive, folks!):
> http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/meast/03/26/sprj.irq.mural/index.html
> i don't know how much i agree with many on this list.
> i do find the US profiting from this war disgusting (ie; Cheney's old
> company's contract). however, i do not agree this war is about oil or profit
> alone (yes, those are bad reasons to go into war).
> sadam is evil and needs to be stopped. look at the consequences from WWII
> when the US waited years before getting into the war. we should learn from
> our history and know that "intervening" before something really bad happens
> isn't such a bad idea! should we wait for 6 million innocent iraqis to die
> before stepping in?! i don't think so. so, please tell me, why are so many
> people against this war?! granted, nobody wants to go war, but
> unfortunately, this has to be done. mind you, these opinions are coming from
> a girl who hates Bush, so don't think i give him support blindly - i don't -
> i'm very critical of him.
> nina 
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