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[Powderworks] Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

ninas ninajill73@hotmail.com
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 09:41:44 -0400

actually, it's my understanding that rolling stone DOES like the oils - or
at least david frick does. i've seen him at a number of shows in NY and
after one oils show, i chatted with him a bit and i asked him if he was at
the show as a fan or as a reporter. he said he's been a big oils fan for
years and that he was there first as a fan - he's even traveled to europe to
see them.

on 3/17/03 11:37 PM, Heidi Shenk at nedkellytheking@hotmail.com wrote:

>> but the real power - I gather - lies with Rolling Stone publisher Jann
>>> Wenner. If he doesn't like you, you ain't getting in, end of story.
> Haha...if that's the case then the Oils will definitely get into the hall of
> fame.  I mean after all Rolling Stone has done such a good job of giving the
> Oils soooooo much credit and they obviously love the band sooooo much.
> Nope...I'm not bitter about that one at all....
> Heidi
> 'Put down that weapon or we'll all be gone,
> I must know something to know it's so wrong'
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> I can tell you how it works, because I'm a voter - put on the list of about
> 300 rock critic types by a former nominating member.
> There are several dozen nominating members, among them Paul Shaffer, Lenny
> Kaye (of Patti Smith and "Nuggets" fame), Steve Morse of the Boston Globe,
> David Hinckley of the New York Daily News, Phil Spector and many music-biz
> luminaries. The co-chairmen are Jon Landau (Springsteen's manager) and
> Seymour Stein (Sire Records founder), but the real power - I gather - lies
> with Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner. If he doesn't like you, you ain't
> getting in, end of story.
> The nominating members nominate - the nominees are winnowed down to the
> usual
> number - and then are voted on.
> But there's something screwy about the process, I can tell you firsthand.
> One
> year, Iggy and the Stooges were nominated. Think they'd be a shoo-in, right?
> Wrong. Not only didn't they get in on the first ballot, but they were
> eliminated from voting the following year - weren't nominated at all. I
> wrote
> it in ("Where's Iggy?!") and still nothing. It's been about three years now,
> and that name hasn't come up for voting again.
> A lot of it, as you can imagine, is a scam - certain nominating members
> have,
> shall we say, financial interests in certain artists. Or their back
> catalogues.
> However, I do personally know at least a half-dozen of the nominating
> members, so I plan on putting a bug in their ears about which Australian
> band
> should be nominated very soon.
> My two cents: they'll play "Dead Heart," "Beds" and "Power and the Passion,"
> which after all is really kind of a signature song for them. But I wouldn't
> be surprised if they only got two numbers, in which case it would be the
> biggest hits.
> All that matters is that they get the recognition they deserve, but I also
> wouldn't be surprised if they pissed off enough label people during their
> career that it never happens.
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