Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Heidi Shenk nedkellytheking@hotmail.com
Mon, 17 Mar 2003 21:37:56 -0600

>but the real power - I gather - lies with Rolling Stone publisher Jann 
> >Wenner. If he doesn't like you, you ain't getting in, end of story.

Haha...if that's the case then the Oils will definitely get into the hall of 
fame.  I mean after all Rolling Stone has done such a good job of giving the 
Oils soooooo much credit and they obviously love the band sooooo much.  
Nope...I'm not bitter about that one at all....


'Put down that weapon or we'll all be gone,
I must know something to know it's so wrong'
                    -Midnight Oil

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Subject: [Powderworks] Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 22:25:09 EST

I can tell you how it works, because I'm a voter - put on the list of about
300 rock critic types by a former nominating member.
There are several dozen nominating members, among them Paul Shaffer, Lenny
Kaye (of Patti Smith and "Nuggets" fame), Steve Morse of the Boston Globe,
David Hinckley of the New York Daily News, Phil Spector and many music-biz
luminaries. The co-chairmen are Jon Landau (Springsteen's manager) and
Seymour Stein (Sire Records founder), but the real power - I gather - lies
with Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner. If he doesn't like you, you ain't
getting in, end of story.
The nominating members nominate - the nominees are winnowed down to the 
number - and then are voted on.
But there's something screwy about the process, I can tell you firsthand. 
year, Iggy and the Stooges were nominated. Think they'd be a shoo-in, right?
Wrong. Not only didn't they get in on the first ballot, but they were
eliminated from voting the following year - weren't nominated at all. I 
it in ("Where's Iggy?!") and still nothing. It's been about three years now,
and that name hasn't come up for voting again.
A lot of it, as you can imagine, is a scam - certain nominating members 
shall we say, financial interests in certain artists. Or their back
However, I do personally know at least a half-dozen of the nominating
members, so I plan on putting a bug in their ears about which Australian 
should be nominated very soon.
My two cents: they'll play "Dead Heart," "Beds" and "Power and the Passion,"
which after all is really kind of a signature song for them. But I wouldn't
be surprised if they only got two numbers, in which case it would be the
biggest hits.
All that matters is that they get the recognition they deserve, but I also
wouldn't be surprised if they pissed off enough label people during their
career that it never happens.

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