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[Powderworks] boycott American goods? -NMOC

Alister Thomas a_thomas@bigpond.net.au
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 14:00:26 +1000

At 10:35 PM 13/04/2003 -0500, Terry Johnson wrote:
>Always remember... America feeds the world.  We spend a higher
>percentage of our GNP on foreign interests than anyone.  I wish
>sometimes our government would stop handing out my tax dollars so
>much and let the world fend for themselves; not because I don't like
>the rest of the world, but to simply demonstrate that bad-mouthing us
>so much is starting to hurt our feelings.

People cannot cope with the righteousness, arrogance and hypocrisy of the 
US govt.

*After all, it was the Americans that put Saddam there in the 1st friggin' 
place!!!!* (well, the CIA back in the early 60's, anyway).

The CIA has created quite a few monsters, like Saddam, over the decades. 
Please don't come begging to the rest of the world pleading for help in 
cleaning up a problem entirely of US' creation - your mistake, you clean it 
up. Take some f***ing responsibility for the actions of your nation!

Just come clean and say - all we're going in for is oil, oil and more damn 
oil. One only has to study history to know that Iraq has always been a 
hot-spot for imperialist regimes (before the US it was the English and 
their good ole' Commonwealth).

(some) People really *do* have short memories (as PG suggested in the Oils 
track of the same name)...