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[Powderworks] boycott American goods? -NMOC

Dan Brunner dmanwi@yahoo.com
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 06:44:19 -0700 (PDT)

So you won't trade any shows with me?  That is so sad.

I hope that means that you also will boycot any and
all technology that the US has ever developed.

--- Terry Johnson <tenacious@cyberback.com> wrote:
> Okay.  Like Todd I've tried to delete every non-Oils
> post to this
> list.  But this is stupid.
> Anyone who buys this is stupid.
> Boycott American goods?  To what end?  We Americans
> work hard at what
> we do.  This debate isn't about the war anymore--its
> about your
> unlevied anti-American sentiments based on ignorance
> and deniability.
> When you make a brash statement such as this you are
> pointing your
> sentiments point blank at me.
> Always remember... America feeds the world.  We
> spend a higher
> percentage of our GNP on foreign interests than
> anyone.  I wish
> sometimes our government would stop handing out my
> tax dollars so
> much and let the world fend for themselves; not
> because I don't like
> the rest of the world, but to simply demonstrate
> that bad-mouthing us
> so much is starting to hurt our feelings.  When it
> comes down to it,
> we supply food for most of the Middle East, Central
> America, Canada
> (at least the non-bread products), and of course
> Africa.
> These aren't just little facts I read in a paper; I
> see it everyday.
> I grew up on a farm in the Southern U.S.  My
> grandparents farmed.
> Their grandparents owned a plantation.  I don't farm
> myself.  I gave
> it up when I left for college.  But because I don't
> farm doesn't
> leave me unaffected by your comments.  I still live
> in the same area
> as I did in my youth.  Many of the families around
> me still survive
> on farming.  I teach their kids high-school science.
>  It is the taxes
> from their incomes that pays my paycheck.
> The Middle East needs our food to survive.  Do we
> need their oil?
> Probably.  It takes a tractor to work a modern-sized
> farm.  So our
> governments set up a food-for-oil trade last decade.
>  It worked
> great.  No strong desire to go to war from me!  Each
> side got a fair
> trade with no complaints I ever heard of.
> That's not the only place we get our oil from,
> though.  And they
> aren't the only people we feed.  The world must have
> trade to keep
> our individual economies from collapsing.  This is
> the point I think
> you are unaware of.
> When you make a statement such as, "The only thing
> to do is...
> boycott American goods," I take it personally. 
> That's my livelihood.
> You may not know it, but it's yours, too.
> I have more to say, but at this point it would just
> be rutted in
> doggishly-pointed rhetoric, much as I've seen many
> on this list
> degenerate do over the last month.  Do yourself a
> favor and find a
> dark site, lay back, count shooting stars for a
> couple of hours, and
> imagine the world as it should be...
> Clear skies,
> --Terry
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> I've seen the Age articles etc. already.  Scary
> stuff.  The only
> thing to do is to make people as aware of this as
> possible and
> boycott american goods etc (which I largely do
> anyway - as much as I
> am aware of buying american goods! Asia and Suth
> America.
> Oh the joys of it all.
> Erin.
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