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[Powderworks] Reasons and reactions

rbonastre rbonastre@eresmas.com
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 04:33:49 +0100

Hi André........I´m totally agree with you!!!!


so what happened is this.

I wrote a mail to the MO Office last Thursday, asking whether they could
possibly shed some light into the Euro tour cancellation and the reasons
On the one hand, I was rather upset when I wrote it (which was about 10,
maybe 15 seconds after I got the news), on the other hand, I still don't
think I
was being totally impolite or rude, just very clearly expressing
disappointment and hope for new tour dates soon.

Yes, I did get a reply - from Gary Morris himself(MO manager, just in case
is unaware). And quite frankly, it p*ssed me off quite a bit.

I am not going to give any extensive quotes from it, but I'll nevertheless
try and give
you a rough overview.
[I still consider his email not to be meant for publication - and just for
the record I'd like to point out that I was really hesitant about telling
about it, actually, the idea wasn't even mine; however, I have asked some
people in private messages whether they deemed it OK to post the email you
currently reading. They sort of gave me the go-ahead, so here you go.]

Gary's email mainly said that he is not going to tell me about the reasons
the cancellation as he cannot make all of his management decisions public
if he did, the whole business of managing MO would become a little
laughable. He only assured me that there were "legitimate" reasons for this

He also expressed his feeling that in fact he didn't think I personally and
I as a fan had much of a right to even ASK for reasons and he considered
a little too "demanding".

That's the summary.

Now I am not giving you any interpretation on this (other than that mainly
his tone was pretty hostile); instead, I'd like to know what you think of it
- fully aware that this just might result in some severe bashing of myself.



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