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[Powderworks] [Fwd: Coverage of Bali in the US media...]

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Fri, 18 Oct 2002 10:44:45 +1000

My brother studies in NYC, and he comes from Melbourne and is Australian. He wrote the message below. He feels extremely let down by the US media in its coverage of the Bali bombings... please forward on, so some people get the real news.

> >
> >Dear Friend,
> >
> >On Saturday night two car bombs exploded in Bali, Indonesia.  If you caught 
> >a brief glance at Sunday's news you may have seen a short glimpse of the 
> >inferno.  The networks reported that "two US citizens were presumed dead" 
> >and then briskly moved on to other stories.  Tonight, Tuesday, I've just 
> >sat through a broadcast where the event was not mentioned once...but I 
> >learned all about the "Fried Twinkie" craze that has swept across New York.
> >
> >The facts are these: The terrorist bombs directly targeted a packed 
> >nightclub patroned only by tourists.  Over 200 Australians are missing, 
> >feared dead, and hundreds and hundreds more are severely burned.  Many had 
> >their clothes burned completely off their body, some are reportedly so 
> >badly burned that there is no skin left on their bodies to use as skin 
> >grafts.  The football season has recently ended in Australia and dozens and 
> >dozens of teams (both local and professional) were celebrating in Bali.  A 
> >great many of the victims are young kids in their twenties.
> >
> >Australia has spent the last year openly weeping for New York City.  I've 
> >heard repeatedly about the nationwide day of mourning that was marked 
> >recently back home on the first anniversary of 9/11.  Australia is 
> >currently experiencing the most horrific loss of life it has EVER 
> >experienced outside of wartime.  Dozens of British, New Zealand and 
> >Indonesian citizens have also perished.  And yet I live in a city where 
> >most people, three days later, don't even realize what has happened.
> >
> >The media here is doing your country and its friends a disgusting injustice 
> >right now through the priorities it has established for itself and enforced 
> >on you.  Worldwide awareness is just so important during a tragedy such as 
> >this.  Sadly, the media in the USA don't seem to give a damn about what 
> >happens outside these shores.  I know that you, as my friend, are not so 
> >ignorant.
> >
> >I ask only that you forward this email onto the people you value in your 
> >life.  They should know about an event such as this.  If anyone wants to 
> >learn anymore about what has happened, the BBC website -  
> >http://news.bbc.co.uk  - has been serving me well.
> >
> >America has always regarded Australia as its "Little Brother" in the 
> >world...a role we've been happy to take.  We've supported you, we've bled 
> >for you, we've wept for you...
> >
> >Right now your little brother is bruised and bleeding in the gutter and the 
> >people responsible for informing you of what has happened don't give a god 
> >damn.  My heart is sinking fast, but I knew it was important for me to send 
> >this message in the hope of spreading some awareness and ending some of the 
> >isolation I'm experiencing right now as an Aussie living in America.
> >
> >May all this terror end soon,
> >
> >Always,
> >Andrew Lawton
> >
> >
> >
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