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[Powderworks] Re: Tommy Emmanuel = Chet Atkins

Beth Curran bcurran@columbus.rr.com
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Mark Knopfler also acknowledged Atkins's influence - from the beginning
of Dire Straits he used to say in interviews that his style was pretty
much copied from Atkins.  They recorded "Neck and Neck" together, a
truly fine bit of guitar heaven.  SO I'll just have to check out this
Tommy and see what's up.

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As a huge tommy fan I have to agree that he is a truly amazing
guitarist. I
have seen him several times and his shows are always incredible. He is
a genuinely great bloke, he generally comes out after his gigs and chats
with his fans and signs autographs (I was lucky enough to get one).

Regarding chets influence on him, tommy makes no secret about the
influence that chet atkins had on his playing from day one. Infact a
TV  channel (Melbourne, Aust.) ran a doco on chet last weekend and tommy
was one of the many musicians they interviewed.


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