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[Powderworks] Re: Tommy Emmanuel = Chet Atkins

Peter Scott Poitras pete.poitras@the-spa.com
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 19:49:16 -0400

I t would seem this relationship is/was even more than idol worship and
receiving inspiration on Tommy's part.  I perchance came across a CD on eBay
that touted having Chet and Tommy together on the same CD...

Later all,

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> As a huge tommy fan I have to agree that he is a truly amazing guitarist.
> have seen him several times and his shows are always incredible. He is
> a genuinely great bloke, he generally comes out after his gigs and chats
> with his fans and signs autographs (I was lucky enough to get one).
> Regarding chets influence on him, tommy makes no secret about the massive
> influence that chet atkins had on his playing from day one. Infact a local
> TV  channel (Melbourne, Aust.) ran a doco on chet last weekend and tommy
> was one of the many musicians they interviewed.
> Steve
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