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[Powderworks] Re: [Powderworks) Dee Dee Ramone is dead...cont'd

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Mon, 10 Jun 2002 14:35:58 -0700 (PDT)

Ahoy again Powdermites,

Sorry. I'm getting caught up after a week at sea (yargh!) and posted a bit =
hastily. Glitch, I think you are right too. This kind of thing obviously is=
n't cured with a "get over it" or "just say no" approach, or with get tough=
 programs that treat addiction like a form of entertainment. There's someth=
ing much darker at work here. Kate, or our Village Girl or someone spoke of=
 stealing a soul, well, that's close IMO. What leads one to such desperatio=
n/vulnerability varies from soul to soul, but it seems to be about filling =
holes. And like nuclear waste, 'once the stuff goes in, you cannot get it o=
ut.' Not that every recovering addict is necessarily going to go shitzoid a=
nd wind up like Mr Ramone, but even after all these years, there's still th=
is seductive little bitch of a ghost....who can become this ruinous and ter=
rible queen, like the transformation in Lord of the Rings where beautiful G=
aladriel becomes the terrible object of all our love and despair... one mus=
t always be, umm, respectful of that. Lest she shift shape and smite you fr=
om some unknown quarter. She can be, after all, any from among a pantheon o=
f insatiable imposters, each one eager to pour itself into our soul holes a=
nd begin suckling. For God's sake, protect your neck!!!!

cheers (yeah right) and mostly over it,

bruce in calgary

On Fri, 07 June 2002, Glitch wrote


<TITLE>Re: [Powderworks] NMOC: Dee Dee Ramone is dead.</TITLE>
<FONT SIZE=3D"2"><FONT FACE=3D"Verdana">Just to argue the other side of thi=
s, I don&#8217;t know that I would call overdosing on heroin &#8220;avoidab=
le.&#8221; &nbsp;Speaking as one who&#8217;s been there, when you are exper=
iencing unbearable psychic pain you will do anything to make it go away. &n=
bsp;Anything. &nbsp;And you&#8217;re not in a position to see what&#8217;s =
right or wrong anymore or to help yourself out.<BR>
Not to condone drug use in any form. &nbsp;I don&#8217;t. &nbsp;But I just =
don&#8217;t think it&#8217;s as easy as &#8220;Just Say No.&#8221; &nbsp;I =
think there are a lot of complex societal factors going on that contribute =
to despair and addiction and make for a very lethal cocktail. &nbsp;Unavoid=
able? &nbsp;I think not. &nbsp;Very sad? &nbsp;Definitely.<BR>
Anyone agree with me &#8212; Bruce?<BR>
No flames please - <BR>
</FONT></FONT><FONT FACE=3D"Verdana">--Glitch<BR>
&quot;when will i be yours...when will i be mine?&quot; --midnight oil<BR>
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