Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC: Blue Sky Mine and Blue Murder

Kate Adams kate@dnki.net
Thu, 06 Jun 2002 21:24:17 -0400

I am in the middle of a two-day comprehensive examination for my doctoral 
work.  Because there is a lack of common space in my department, we were 
locked up in my absent advisor's office.  I was assigned to her desk.

Around 1:30 I found myself too distracted to work because of the poor 
soundproofing in the office suite, and begged to be able to use my personal 
cd player.  Permission granted, I popped in Blue Sky Mine for inspiration.

Midway through the title cut I suddenly noticed something very interesting 
on the desk to my right: an autographed copy of Blue Murder on top of some 
journal articles on the Wittenoom blue asbestos mines.  I was tempted to 
take a little break and check it out.  My advisor has made a career out of 
studying outbreaks of dust-related lung diseases.  I wonder what she is up to?

Why does synchronicity always pester me so?

Anyone know if the book is worth snatching for a weekend read?  I've never 
seen it anywhere else.

Kate Adams
Doctoral Student
Department of Work Environment
UMass Lowell
"There are a lot of people who as they get older get mellow. I don't like 
mellow music. I don't like mellow. Period."  -  Moe Tucker