Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: Bones sings on Luritja way / cool outro's

Stephen Scott stephenandeva@hotmail.com
Thu, 06 Jun 2002 20:14:58 +0000

Talking of cranking up songs at the end.....I am sure most have done the 
same with Koala Sprint and its great synth solo, then forget to turn it 
down, and get totally blasted away with the operning bars of No Reaction. 
Scares the life out of you.
See youse later

"This is a mad house.....you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday"

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>Subject: RE: [Powderworks] Re: Bones sings on Luritja way
>Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 09:19:38 -0400
>amen, stephen!  i am a pianist as well, so maybe that has something to do 
>with it, but i ALWAYS crank up the end of "antarctica" to hear jim's piano 
>greg ralls
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>Subject: [Powderworks] Re: Bones sings on Luritja way
>Bones is the singer during the guiding light part of Luritja Way. It is a
>great vocal. His other classic Oils vocal (IMHO) is in One Country.
>Just one more thing to add. I think Antartica is the best (with no
>exception) closing song on any album. I think the Oils think long and hard
>about their track listing and it shows. I don't think I am the only person
>who turns Antarica up full volume at the end of the track to hear Jims
>superb piano solo. I would love to hear an extended version of that song
>with more piano at the end.
>See ya
>"This is a mad house....you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday"
> >From: Randy Van Vliet <bigdaddyrv@yahoo.com>
> >To: powderworks@cs.colorado.edu
> >Subject: [Powderworks] Capricornia Commentary
> >Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 07:45:56 -0700 (PDT)
> >
> >Well, I have now given Capricornia a fair listen and I
> >really like most of it.  It returns to the BSM/ESM
> >kind of funkiness that was clearly missing from RW
> >(Which, btw, is their strongest effort, imho).  You
> >never know what is going to come up next.
> >
> >Great MO songs:  Overpass (best song since time to
> >Heal), Luritja way (who sings the "guiding light"
> >part?), Golden Age.
> >
> >Average MO songs:  Too Much Sunshine, Tone Poem,
> >Mosquito March, Been Away Too Long.
> >
> >Weak MO songs:  Capricornia, World That I See.
> >
> >Songs I like better live (From the MMM "Magnus" boot:
> >Say Your Prayers.
> >
> >Song I have no use for at all whatsoever:  A Crocodile
> >Cries.  Pointless as it's own song.  Brilliant as part
> >of Poets & Slaves.
> >
> >Which brings me to that.  Poets & Slaves seems to
> >continue a MO tradition of a very good song that is a
> >very hard listen after a good, diverse set.  I put it
> >in the same category as Nothing Lost Nothing Gained,
> >Is It Now, Somebody's Trying to Tell Me Something,
> >Bells and Horns/Shipyards of New Zealand, Antarctica,
> >and Now or Never Land.  These are mostly above average
> >songs but they require a lot of paying attention to
> >(sorry for the grammatical error).  At the end of a
> >Midnight Oil set Im not really in the mood to sit down
> >and pay attention and appreciate the subtle nuances of
> >the songwriters craft (sort of like at the end of a
> >two hour symphony - I enjoyed it but I just want to
> >relax).  So I like Poets & Slaves, but more if I hear
> >it alone rather than at the end of the CD.
> >
> >Randy (hoping they come back to SF on the way home!)
> >
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