Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Antarctica (was Re: Bones sings on Luritja way)

Kate Adams kate@dnki.net
Wed, 05 Jun 2002 16:06:47 -0400

I recently discovered that one of my co-workers is an Oils fan too.  We had 
been discussing schedules and I had told him that I was swapping a Thursday 
for a Friday so I could go to a concert.  I told him it was MO, and he said 
something noncommittal like "oh, cool".

An hour or so later we were digging in the -88 C deep freeze and he started 
into "there's gotta be one place left in this world" ...

The next time we rearranged a freezer it was This Arctic World.

The poor guy has about six albums, but has never been to a live show.  I'll 
convert him from fan to fanatic yet ...

At 09:40 PM 6/5/02 +0000, synne.hansen@spray.no wrote:
>Antarctica.. oh yes. My one and only convert, back in .. ooh, 94? got 
>hooked on the Oils after hearing this one wonderful song. Made her a 
>"relax, your exams will be over soon"-tape (my, we still used tapes! He! 
>Not that young after all..), and included a few Oils-songs as usual, just 
>in case, a bit of exposure to the wonder that is the Oils.. Got a 
>phone-call a week later - "What is this? Who is this? I gotta get me some 
>Ahh.. if only we were still friends.. I wouldn't have to take my mother to 
>the upcoming European gigs (praying here! let us have our dreams!). Not 
>that she minds. River Runs Red did it for her.
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