Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Antarctica (was Re: Bones sings on Luritja way)

synne.hansen@spray.no synne.hansen@spray.no
Wed, 05 Jun 2002 21:40:33

Antarctica.. oh yes. My one and only convert, back in .. ooh, 94? got hooked on the Oils after hearing this one wonderful song. Made her a "relax, your exams will be over soon"-tape (my, we still used tapes! He! Not that young after all..), and included a few Oils-songs as usual, just in case, a bit of exposure to the wonder that is the Oils.. Got a phone-call a week later - "What is this? Who is this? I gotta get me some more!"
Ahh.. if only we were still friends.. I wouldn't have to take my mother to the upcoming European gigs (praying here! let us have our dreams!). Not that she minds. River Runs Red did it for her.

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