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[Powderworks] fierce: what can I add?

Stephen Scott stephenandeva@hotmail.com
Tue, 04 Jun 2002 12:06:11 +0000

Yeah, Peter jumped off the stage and ran up and down the front row touching 
everyones hands. He didn't have any problem getting back up on stage, what 
with him being 15 feet tall.

"This is a mad house...you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday"

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>Didn't Pete also jump off stage at some point, or did I just imagine it?
>The Paris setlist looked awesome, but I'm not going to complain about any 
>that included Lucky Country, Redneck Wonderland and Bullroarer. I would 
>liked to hear some stuff from Breathe though - maybe next time.
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> > Bones jumped down to give a girl in the front row a kiss and a cuddle. 
> > actually put the bass on and played a few notes at the end of the song. 
> > must be one of the few Oils moments where Peter has played a stringed
> > instrument. Bones then couldn't get back up on the stage, and needed a
> > bouncer to give him a boost up. At the end of the show, Bones picked up 
> > of the hundred or so drum sticks Rob had been using and threw it down 
> > the girl at the front. 3 hands caught it including the girl it was meant
> > for. They would not give up. Even when Julian and I were leaving, the 3
> > idiots were still fighting over the drumstick. I am pretty sure that 
> > are still there now.
> > Highlight for me was Lucky Country. How Pete can still keep up during 
> > rant at the end still stuns me. We only got 18 songs, which was great at 
> > time, but after reading the Paris set list, I have become extremely 
> > What a list.
> > Stephen
> >
> > "This is a mad house....you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday"
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