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[Powderworks] fierce: what can I add?

djboyle@mistral.co.uk djboyle@mistral.co.uk
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 08:50:20 GMT

Didn't Pete also jump off stage at some point, or did I just imagine it?

The Paris setlist looked awesome, but I'm not going to complain about any gig 
that included Lucky Country, Redneck Wonderland and Bullroarer. I would have 
liked to hear some stuff from Breathe though - maybe next time.

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> Bones jumped down to give a girl in the front row a kiss and a cuddle. Pete 
> actually put the bass on and played a few notes at the end of the song. It 
> must be one of the few Oils moments where Peter has played a stringed 
> instrument. Bones then couldn't get back up on the stage, and needed a 
> bouncer to give him a boost up. At the end of the show, Bones picked up one 
> of the hundred or so drum sticks Rob had been using and threw it down for 
> the girl at the front. 3 hands caught it including the girl it was meant 
> for. They would not give up. Even when Julian and I were leaving, the 3 
> idiots were still fighting over the drumstick. I am pretty sure that they 
> are still there now.
> Highlight for me was Lucky Country. How Pete can still keep up during the 
> rant at the end still stuns me. We only got 18 songs, which was great at the 
> time, but after reading the Paris set list, I have become extremely jealous. 
> What a list.
> Stephen
> "This is a mad house....you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday"

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