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[Powderworks] fierce: what can I add?

Stephen Scott stephenandeva@hotmail.com
Tue, 04 Jun 2002 06:26:17 +0000

Bones jumped down to give a girl in the front row a kiss and a cuddle. Pete 
actually put the bass on and played a few notes at the end of the song. It 
must be one of the few Oils moments where Peter has played a stringed 
instrument. Bones then couldn't get back up on the stage, and needed a 
bouncer to give him a boost up. At the end of the show, Bones picked up one 
of the hundred or so drum sticks Rob had been using and threw it down for 
the girl at the front. 3 hands caught it including the girl it was meant 
for. They would not give up. Even when Julian and I were leaving, the 3 
idiots were still fighting over the drumstick. I am pretty sure that they 
are still there now.
Highlight for me was Lucky Country. How Pete can still keep up during the 
rant at the end still stuns me. We only got 18 songs, which was great at the 
time, but after reading the Paris set list, I have become extremely jealous. 
What a list.

"This is a mad house....you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday"

>From: "pete mellor" <pete_mellor@hotmail.com>
>To: powderworks@cs.colorado.edu
>Subject: [Powderworks] fierce: what can I add?
>Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 23:42:55 +0000
>Not really sure what I can add to what has gone before but felt the need to
>put something down.
>Good to meet up with Nigel, Pete and Pete (very brave with a broken toe. 
>sure those tears were of joy at seeing the Oils for the first time and
>nothing else). Arrived fashionably late in time to see Magic Dirt who in my
>honest opinion rocked without question and Spiderbait were excellent.
>The 'Oils' chant blended seemlessly with the cows and the band appeared
>striding into a Hendrix fuelled version of the Australian national anthem.
>Those non-antipodean fans may have felt a little left out not knowing the
>words but the warmth of the sentiment was appreciated fully.
>To open with one of my favourite tracks (Redneck) was like being greeted by
>each and every one of them...or is that going too far?
>I think Dom's pretty much got the set list down right, and what a list! I
>may be blinkered by distance from the last time they appeared here in
>England but that is a cracking setlist. To hear some amazing tunes (Too 
>Sunshine in particular) mixed in with oldies like Lucky Country and Only 
>Strong was brilliant. The only thing missing (particularly in light of 
>5 year absence) was, 'Been Away Too Long'. Every song garnered a  feverish
>response from the crowd with hands in the air and serioulsy sweaty jumping
>up and down movements (particularly from the large damp man next to me who
>thought he knew all the words very loudly).
>In order to not sound sycophantic and to readdress the balance, I thought
>'Now Or Never Land' was the weakest song on the set. It just didn't seem to
>carry on the acoustics and seemed to calm the crowd down too much. I guess
>that was soon rectified by the harmonica waving that went on before Blue
>Still there are no duff notes at a Midnight Oil concert. Each song was
>belted out at full pace by both band and crowd. They were as tight as ever
>and I can only hope they enjoyed playing to a packed park of joy filled
>people as we enjoyed seeing them.
>Some notes:
>At the end of Dead Heart Bones threw his guitar at Peter and leapt off the
>front of the stage out of sight. In light of the recent postings regarding
>Bones I can perhaps work out what he was doing. There were some loud and
>pretty girls at the front.
>Jim's Amercian trucker look, resplendent in blue baseball cap and full
>beard, was unique.
>During the haunting acoustic guitar solo in Short Memory, Bones sat down at
>the front of the stage, on his monitor, and jammed.
>A seriously nostalgic jaunt through Australia for the Oils and their fans
>(the band clearly missing home having been on the road for so long).
>On each cymbal crash at the end of Only The Strong, Rob hurled a stick at
>his crash ride cymbal, firing a stick off into the wings.
>Martin held his breath for the entire hour and a quarter!
>As I said at the beginning, I can't really add much more. I hope they 
>towards the end of the year as my appetite has been wetted.
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