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LLOYD_Ian@canon.com.au LLOYD_Ian@canon.com.au
Tue, 4 Jun 2002 12:47:04 +1000

That's fair enough, as i said i'm not having a go at Bones he has and does do a great job, i guess
it's just that i've always been a fan of Giffo's and was shocked when i went to see them at the
Hordern back in 86' (i think) and he wasn't there and maybe i'm being a bit biased!

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Or, to take it in reverse order:
I worked with the band back in '85 and have known them since, but never did get to know Giffo. The
strong silent type, maybe. Am NOT knocking his musical talents at all. Obviously he contributed an
enormous amount to the band's sound, particularly on their breakthrough "D&D." It's just that IMHO,
Bones feels totally right for this group, and has since he arrived.
Speaking of said bassman, he had a longtime girlfriend who became his wife. Then they had a fairly
friendly divorce -- hence his footloose position these days. I don't know about any other longtime
lady friend, but I don't try to keep track when he's on the other side of the planet, or on the
road. I only see him when the guys come to town. And his personal life is his business, or rather,
would be if he weren't so exuberant about it in front of all and sundry.
PS Hey, I resent (or should that be 'represent'?) that remark about locking up one's mothers. They
ain't THAT old...it's not like it's Bill Wyman prowling around up there.
In any case, I should think that anyone who's seen 'em on this tour will testify that they're just
as full of fire and energy as ever; have just added a dash of seasoning to the recipe!