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[Powderworks] Nazis and Taliban

Jeremy Oviatt joviatt@bowg.com
Fri, 09 Aug 2002 16:43:10 -0600


I'm mostly a lurker, but here my 2 bits worth (which ain't

I usually enjoy hearing the different opions that this list has to
offer.  But lately it really seems almost trendy to tear down the
current administration and crituqe their actions with from a
"comfortable place on the couch."  

It's easy to sit back and offer up complaints, it's eaven easier to
sterotype and assume we know the will and minds of those who are making
the desicions.  But do we?  Have we walked mile in their shoes
(figuritvly speaking of course)?

No government is perfect and no decsion is perfect especially when so
many lives are affected.I don't agree with every desicion that the
President has made, but hey, I'm not perfect either.  

So here is my question...............How would you make it better and
solve the crisis?f

Your the President of the United States.

Years and years of international policies, wars, fighting religions,
tradittions, pacts, desions, covert operations, aliances, mis-trust,
dis-trust, propeganda and just about every other action (good or bad) by
your government as well as the actions of every other government have
created a climate where there are those in the world who view you as the
great evil (right or wrong) of the world.  

Certain groups around the world want you, your countrymen and all that
you stand for (right or wrong) eliminated from the earth.

Your country has been a place where it's citizens and visitors can move
about freely without too much incumberment.  Now members of those groups
are living amongst your country plotting ways to destroy you and your

They concider your citizens a target as viable as your military force.

They claim that dieing while destroying you will make them martyrs.

They seak out means and ways which are most likely to cause the
greatist ammount of destruction and death.

Now, your country has been brutally and cruely attacked?

What course of action do you pursue?

I know there are more things to concider than this, this is just a
starting point.  I also know there are those out there who will question
the validity of these statements, to which I welcom the cross
examination.  I just think we could turn this discussion from the
crtqueing of problems to the solving of them.