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[Powderworks] Nazis and Taliban

Julian Shaw Julian Shaw" <julian@jlshaw.co.uk
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 19:44:40 +0100

I think the term Nazi is a particularly offensive one to use and I certainly
wouldn't use it as the US has often stood up for minority groups and the
oppressed. But the truth is that the US as a world player always acts in
it's best interest and very rarely in the interest of others. Does the US
give a toss about climate change? No of course not as long as the money
keeps pouring in so America can get richer and the economy can keep on
growing! Another example - International Criminal Court. Why wouldn't the US
sign up? Because it's not in it's best interest. Well of course not - though
many other countries could see that people need to be accountable! But the
US seems to have got away with it anyway and got in with the proviso that
it's troops on peace keeping missions can't ever be charged with anything.
Errr very magnanimous of the US indeed! Just a couple of big examples -
there are many others.

I think it's sad that the US gets singled out so much - there are many
hundreds of worse governments in the world. The problem is they are usually
run by dictators. As the leader of the free world the US should be setting
an example and I think that is why the US gets bashed so much - because
people think of  the US government as hypocrites when it talks of "Freedom"
and is at the same time pushing it's weight around so it can get things it's
own way.

Julian Lewis Shaw
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> > > It is my opinion that the US gov't (government) is the economic
> > > equivalent of the nazis.  Whoah, whoah, before you rip me a new hole,
> > > consider it.
> no we're not going to consider that analogy!!  You're fucking nuts to even
> compare the two and I'm sooo astonished by the mindsets of some of our
> Powerderworkers.