Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Nazis and Taliban

Scott Williams jwilli16@san.rr.com
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 10:58:06 -0700

> > It is my opinion that the US gov't (government) is the economic
> > equivalent of the nazis.  Whoah, whoah, before you rip me a new hole,
> > consider it.

no we're not going to consider that analogy!!  You're fucking nuts to even
compare the two and I'm sooo astonished by the mindsets of some of our

 The US does exactly the
> > same thing in an economic fashion.  If a country isn't friendly or can't
> > be bought,

"isn't friendly"?   "country"?  This isn't about countries.... I thought
everyone on Planet Earth knew that, especially almost a year after the
incident.  We're not fighting Afghanistan.... we're searching for the fucker
and the fuckers that slammed their planes into our buildings.  And they'll
do it again and again if not stopped.  You can't possibly disagree with
that, can you?

 The reasons given by the US for the "war" in
> > Afghanistan were 1) oust the Taliban gov't because they wouldn't hand
> > over Bin Laden and 2) free the Afghani people from the evil tyranical
> > Taliban.

that's it?  Two reasons?  Sure you don't want to add 3) WTC Tower #1 and 4)
WTC Tower #2 and 5) future chaos?

 The US gov't doesn't care, as long as
> > they can build their pipeline through Afghanistan and pump their
> > precious oil.

The US does care.....  to lump us into not caring is pretty lame.  We're so
behind in this whole mess..... the oil issue disgusts me as much as it does
you.  The USA has the technology to power the entire country with wind
energy from just the top three (Texas / Kansas / North Dakota)
wind-producing states, but we don't and we continue to rely on foreign oil
and we keep pumping money into that part of the world.  I'm not a George
Bush fan at all..... although I do not see what else we can do, for now,
than to keep chasing Bin Laden around.  I'm still waiting to see more
efforts going to converting from petroleum-based power over to renewable
sources, but Dick Cheney and his cohorts just have their hands too deep in
their oily pockets.  It disgusts me.... we should be switching over which
would eventually cut off the need to rely on the Middle East.

> >
> > In short, the US is taking over the world just as systematically and
> > just as selfishly as the nazis wanted to do.  They just aren't quite so
> > obvious and violent.  But, in the end, people are still dying and
> > starving and rotting because of US gov't policies.

yes....don't bother mentioning all the foreign aid we provide to so many
countries....just lump us in with the Nazis.  Thanks.  Let's equate genocide
with hunting down a known terrorist.  Like I said earlier, you're fucking
nuts to even compare the two.    I'm still waiting to hear a better solution
from the anti-American Powderworkers about how to resolve this.  You are all
so eloquent about what we're doing wrong, yet I have yet to hear any
eloquence about fixing this mess.