Midnight Oil

Sv: [Powderworks] Midnight Oil Live Review

Magnus Holmgren oznut@swipnet.se
Wed, 7 Aug 2002 13:02:54 +0200


Good work!

I have some more stuff for you, I send them to the whole list because I'm unsure about some stuff. Please help fill the gaps!


sometime early 1978. Studio 221, Sydney. live-to-air

1979-April Stagedoor Tavern, Sydney. live-to-air "Death To Disco" (on Easter Day, which date was that??)

The Toronto gig in 1984 is missing

Some Powderworker attended a concert in USA during the recording of Breathe?

+ I got this info from the web:
live St Leonards Park, Sydney, September 1978 (with Cold Chisel) 
live "Save The Whale" dance, Hurstville Civic Centre, 2JJ live-to-air 2/2/79 (with Hitmen/Misex) 
live Tanelorne Festival 1981 


I have the info that they played Manly Vale Hotel June 12 in 1980. You list the gig as December 6. 12/6 or 6/12, it's confusing sometimes the way people write dates. I don't know which is the right one... ?

I thought Oils On The Water was 13 Jan 1985. They played a warm-up gig 12 Jan 1985, maybe on Goat Island as well?

04-05 Jun 1993 - One Big Day In and one Big Day Out?


28 Apr 1990 - The Globe Arena, Stockholm (or in Swedish: Globen)

20 nov 1993 - The Annex, The Globe Arena, Stockholm

/Magnus "Lucky bastard" Holmgren
PS. I'm going to Melbourne in less than a month. Hope to catch up with some of you at gigs or whatever.

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