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Stephen Scott nornirn@lycos.co.uk
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 12:34:41 -0700 (MST)

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Hi there,
I agree with what Dave is saying. I was just using Genesis & Van Halen as examples. My 
point was that Genesis were an awful lot more popular with their replacement singer, 
which in my opinion is unfortunate as Peter Gabriel was a better singer/performer. As for 
Van Halen. I don't think any of their incarnations were really any good. The only 2 songs 
I liked were from the Hagar era, but my point was they were still selling millions even 
with a new voice. As for Dale Ryder from Boom Crash Opera taking over in INXS, I think 
he would have been a close second choice. I don't know what he is doing now, but I am 
sure he would have jumped at the chance. Boom Crash Opera have 5 albums proper, 
which are all highly recommended if you like INXS. Email me off list if you want any 
more details.
Another group with multiple lead singers is Iron Maiden. Again, I am not a fan of them, 
but they were at their most popular with their second singer Bruce Dickenson. I think 
their first singer, Robert Di'annio (not sure about the name), died....though I'm not sure 
why. Then after Dickenson left, they didn't do so well with a 3rd singer. Then a la Van 
Halen, Brucie boy came back, and now they are (inexplicably) back in the UK top ten. 
Anyway....here's hoping the Oils never have to make a decision like that. The only 
people that could take over from Peter would be either Rob or Jim. Let's just hope that 
the job is never EVER given to Phil Collins or Sting. They might as well let Boyzone or 
N*sync do it. 
See youse

"This is a mad house"

Although I find these topics of INXS-Oils comparisons & new lead singers to 
be kinda silly, I gotta take Stephen & Dale to task on a few points: 

 Look at Genesis. Peter Gabriel was the first singer. They replaced him with 
Phil Collins, 
and the rest is history. 

The rest is history? I suppose Genesis were unknown before? While I'm not a 
huge fan of art-rock, I know many who are & its widely agreed by them as 
well as critics that Genesis' most enduring work is from the Peter Gabriel 
period (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway probably being the masterpiece). 
Its also worth mentioning that Collins fit in so well because he had been 
their drummer from the start. 
Yes, they sold more post-Gabriel, but being a fellow Oils fan I'm sure you'd 
agree a lasting message & influence on popular music is much more important. 

 Look at Van Halen. After David Lee Roth fell foul of Mr. Van Halen, they 
brought in 
Sammy Hagar and went massive. 

Went massive? Again, dude, they were already huge. & again, both fans & 
critics agree that the best material is from the David Lee Roth era- & its 
the stuff the average joe remembers today. Go ahead, hum a VH tune (ok, if 
you're like me you consider this an unpleasant experiment, but if proves my 

 Can anyone out there give us any more examples of groups changing 

Well, the Small Faces changed practically the whole band at once, & had to 
become the Faces 'cause they weren't so short anymore. 
And the Yardbirds (after changing lead guitarists twice) also let go of Rolf 
(or he moved on himself, whatever), hired Robert Plant to finish the 
contractual obligations, and morphed into Led Zeppelin. (Actually, going 
through three legendary guitarists is the real notable of the 'birds career, 
since all were the key to their sound.) 
Finally, the Drifters had 3 excellent vocalists- Clyde McPhatter, Johnny 
Moore, & Ben E. King (& briefly others)- and unlike Genesis & the examples I 
cited, didn't have to completely reinvent themselves with each one, which is 
most impressive since the Drifters were all about vocals. Then again, the 
Motown sound was kinda cookie cutter-ish (& yes, VH's sure was too, but they 
did invent the cutter pre-Hagar). In fact, I could probably list 5-10 Motown 
groups, male & female that also had two or more lead singers, but you catch 
my drift. 

Now, Dale said that the terrible, treakly, weak AOR "artists" Sting or 
*chortle* Phil Collins could replace PG. Well, sure you did make it clear it 
was just your opinion, but I just couldn't let that one slide by. Sting 
because he's also an environmentalist? Collins *snort* because....? Uh, 
because...? Gabriel at least has a comparable energy/persona/uniqueness, but 
even there, I think you must be thinking of Gabriel in his prime (ie, with 

Anyway, Peter Garrett ain't going anywhere, & in any case the Oils without 
him would be like an Italian restaurant without pasta (I guess for the girls 
that makes Rob the veal). 

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