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[Powderworks] Ghostwriters - Is that Rob singing?

lou loulou@zip.com.au
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 00:42:40 +1100

was about to defend the Damo when you beat me to it ;)

as you say, definitely Rob on the CD and live. Rick is doing backing vox, 
sure, and there's that low and strangely growlie 'in a very dark place' 
that DC does...but it's Rob doing the main vox...

later all!

ps - yeah - new freedom ride - no idea, and it IS so good!

At 23:06 19/12/01 +1100, Jeff & Louise wrote:
>It's Rob, clear as a bell on the CD and also live.
>What ever happened to the Ghosties track 'New Freedom ride' one of the best
>live and yet it never made Fibromoon.
>Any ideas?
>Jeff (Melb)
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>On "Last plane out":
> >  the lead vocal is Rob.
>I really don't think so, Damien! Even though I find it a bit strange that
>Rick sings the lead as he hadn't been credited for any backing vocals before
>that, and now he had to sing because he had written the song? It doesn't
>sound like Rob to me, though. For you who saw Ghostwriters live when they
>presented the new songs, do you remember if Rick sang it back then?