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[Powderworks] Ghostwriters - Is that Rob singing?

Jeff & Louise jefflou@bigpond.com
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 23:06:43 +1100

It's Rob, clear as a bell on the CD and also live.

What ever happened to the Ghosties track 'New Freedom ride' one of the best
live and yet it never made Fibromoon.
Any ideas?

Jeff (Melb)

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On "Last plane out":

>  the lead vocal is Rob.

I really don't think so, Damien! Even though I find it a bit strange that
Rick sings the lead as he hadn't been credited for any backing vocals before
that, and now he had to sing because he had written the song? It doesn't
sound like Rob to me, though. For you who saw Ghostwriters live when they
presented the new songs, do you remember if Rick sang it back then?


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subject? :-)

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