Midnight Oil


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White Skin Black Heart

Written by Midnight Oil

Duration 4:05

From the album Redneck Wonderland and 20 000 Watt RSL

What are you gonna do now,
Now that you started
What are you gonna do now, now that it's done
The words got out there they're floating around
And coming right back down
Are you going to leave us lying here, dealing
With the consequences of a bad sound

What are you gonna do now,
Now that it's spoken
Words have a habit of not fading away
Our memory's clear conscience gets opened
Like a wound
If you can't conceive of better lines and better times then let silence bury you
In the end you will be condemned

You see the boston strangler on the freedom
Road you think the suffragettes got sunk a long
Long time ago, you spewed it out your spite was
Insecure it was like bile from the heights on the
Toilet floor, you were a nazi drunk… you had
The rednecks roaring for blood and then they
Wanted more, your life was so small you couldn't
Get enough you made a start… you didn't
Have to start… white skin black heart white skin
Black heart