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20 000 Watt RSL

20 000 Watt RSL1997
  1. What Goes On
  2. Power And The Passion
  3. Dreamworld
  4. White Skin Black Heart
  5. Kosciusko
  6. The Dead Heart
  7. Blue Sky Mine
  8. US Forces
  9. Beds Are Burning
  10. One Country
  11. Best Of Both Worlds
  12. Truganini
  13. King Of The Mountain
  14. Hercules
  15. Surf's Up Tonight
  16. Back on the Borderline
  17. Don't Wanna Be The One
  18. Forgotten Years

Album Notes

Digital remastering by Tim Young at Metropolis, London. Thanks to Warne Livesey, Brent Clark and Arlene Brookes.
Many thanks to Sony Music Australia, Denis Handlin (CEO) and Chris Moss.
Design: Midnight Oil/Kevin Wilkins. Cover photography: Andrzej Liguz. Other photographs by Ken Duncan, Adrienne Overall, Philip Morris and Youri Lenquette. Management: Gary Morris.