Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Virus spreading through the list!

Stephan Jänsch stephan.jaensch at gmx.net
Thu Sep 30 03:56:01 MDT 2004

As some of you might have noted (while some definately did not!) there's a
virus happily spreading through the accounts of various list members and
thus the whole list (the W32.Netsky.P at mm). This is a pretty old but
persistent virus and I can in no way understand that the provider of this
list does obviously not provide an up-to-date virus check! Also a large
number of people are seemingly still not able to get their systems
protected, in fact many people don't seem to care at all. I'm only on it for
a few days but I'm seriously contemplating to get off the list again because
of this. In my view replacing the mailing list by a forum would be a much
more elegant solution (no, I currently have neither recources nor time to
put this up)... Isn't there a way to get the provider install a decent virus
scanner?! And get your systems protected, get rid of the Internet Explorer,
Outlook or even better switch entirely to Linux (what I did at home but
unfortunately can't at work)!