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[Powderworks] NMOC: Was Protesters chip

Kiri W screaminblue88 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 29 21:42:29 MDT 2004

Quoting Bruce,

"Would I be a more moral person if I went out and shot, skinned, gutted and 
dressed the beasts myself? Just curious to know how you veggans make sense 
of things, given what would appear to be our natural state of omnivory..."

Probably not be a more moral person Bruce, but I reckon if everyone HAD to 
do that to get a steak on the table, they might lean more towards 
vegetarianism. Killing a creature as you look into it's eyes and watch the 
life and blood drain from it, is most likely a lot harder than picking up 
chops at the local supermarket.

I reckon us "veggans" make sense of things by looking or being outside the 
box. It's all a matter of environment and choice really. I was raised to 
believe all living creatures are worthy of living, be it a cow, a dog or a 
human. We are all animals after all, the only difference for us humans is 
that we are capable of cognitive thought. Unfortunately, the majority of 
humans believe that the ability of cognitive thought makes them superior to 
all other creatures, and they can selectively use and abuse them at will. 
Eating a cow is okay, but could you eat the family dog?

Have no fear, humans will not stop eating animals, nor stop polluting the 
environment, nor stop cutting down trees, nor stop declaring war etc... We 
have the ability of cognitive thought!

My two cents,

KW...a vegetarian, who doesn't wear leather btw

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