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[Powderworks] Protesters chip away at Garrett's forests stance

Nathan Arrowsmith nathan at nathanarrowsmith.com
Sun Sep 26 23:03:36 MDT 2004

It seems Pete's got a bit of cleaning up to do...


Protesters chip away at Garrett's forests stance

The Wilderness Society has renewed pressure on Sydney Labor candidate 
Peter Garrett to force his new party to take action to protect 
old-growth forests in Tasmania.

Society protesters dumped a tonne of woodchips outside Mr Garrett's 
campaign office in Maroubra in Sydney's east this morning.

Protest organiser Anna Crane says Mr Garrett has a duty to push Labor to 
produce a policy to protect Tasmanian forests.

"Peter Garrett's been a strong advocate for the environment in the past 
and now, as a high profile Labor candidate, we're calling on him to put 
the pressure on and come out with an agenda of protecting old-growth 
forests," she said.

"We're calling him to account, I suppose you'd say."