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[Powderworks] No he did not!

Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
Tue Sep 21 10:39:01 MDT 2004

I think all this may have something to do with how it was recorded.

I have heard other recordings of live shows where harmonizing vocals sound
strange or off-key and I think it has to do with how a particular vocal part
comes into the mix as recorded.  Thus it might sound right at the venue but
not on the recording.

At live shows for the Oils and for other bands I have noticed strange
effects of being very close to the stage and hearing the individual monitor
near me more than the PA, and of actually hearing unamplified singing on top
of the PA on top of the monitors.  Something similar may happen during

Also, something recorded off the sound board is going to be very different
than something recorded from the audience.  The sound guy mixes so it sounds
good coming out of the PA and that includes bouncing off the walls, echoing
across the water, etc. and that may not sound so right coming out of the
jack.  Audience recordings will vary according to the location of the person
recording the show.

just my $0.02 US

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I have heard this that many times I cannot remember, without listening
to it and I say NO he didn't!

After I have just listened to it, I still say no he didn't but can
understand how it could be misconstrued.

Rob C

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OK, workies, your sharp ears and expert opinions are needed to settle a
long-running offlist dispute that has now disintegrated into fits of
giggling and yells of "did not!" "did too!" with another Worker
who...ahem...may or may not remain nameless.

Get out your Goat Island CDs or DVDs and play Minutes to Midnight.  The
as-yet-unnamed Other Worker is INSISTANT that Giffo is badly off-key; I
say no way.  Has stubborn blind loyalty made me deaf as well, or does
the Other Worker require an auditory tune-up (so to speak)?

Please help settle this in hopes of lowering our phone bills!  ;-)


P.S. to the Other Worker:  no fair speaking up until others have tossed
in their $0.02!

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