Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Did he or didn't he?

rick rickysan at speedlink.com.au
Tue Sep 21 10:14:14 MDT 2004

             I love Bones' voice on certain songs,particularly one country
and luritja way,but in general,i'm one of those rare people who actually
prefers Giffo's backing vocals..

             I think they suit the oils music more and Bones' voice comes
across as a little too sugar sweet to me occaisionally....


             I think they suit the
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> OK, workies, your sharp ears and expert opinions are needed to settle a
> long-running offlist dispute that has now disintegrated into fits of
> giggling and yells of "did not!" "did too!" with another Worker
> who...ahem...may or may not remain nameless.
> Get out your Goat Island CDs or DVDs and play Minutes to Midnight.  The
> as-yet-unnamed Other Worker is INSISTANT that Giffo is badly off-key; I
> say no way.  Has stubborn blind loyalty made me deaf as well, or does
> the Other Worker require an auditory tune-up (so to speak)?
> Please help settle this in hopes of lowering our phone bills!  ;-)
> Cheers,
> Rhonda
> P.S. to the Other Worker:  no fair speaking up until others have tossed
> in their $0.02!
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