Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] 3 songs

David miata at arach.net.au
Tue Sep 14 00:41:56 MDT 2004

Man don't you wish you were there!
I would have loved to hear
US Forces (still seems quite apt these days)
Short Memory (with a verse similar to this)
"The screams in a bali night, our troops sent off to fight,
With Carlyle shares freshly bought, short memory 
Bush failed in Afghanistan, So he plunders more oil land,
Invasion bushes mater plan, short memory
Wake up Howard the UN was right 
And no cash for hospital beds? Hey short memory."
Maybe he could change it to senile memory as a tribute to Howard ..
Powderworks (To announce his demolition of the liberal party power hold,
how he'll shake up the labour party, stop them feeling like they have to
mimic the liberal party to gain votes. And to sound out with resonance
the next step in him becoming a future prime minister of Australia.
Someone with strong values and who will never become a US lap dog).
Ok ok, my choices are a little politically motivated, but I can't wait
for that time and place, and a moment in space where Peter Garrett calls
the tune.
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