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FW: [Powderworks] pete and rob three numbers

Ross Locket rosslocket at optusnet.com.au
Mon Sep 13 21:04:57 MDT 2004

ABC TV usually broadcasts shows from the Basement.

Does anyone know if Hirst and Greene have already been shown or if not when
they might be on?

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Hi All,

>From SMH:
Sept  14

Marching to a different drum
Rob Hirst, drummer with Midnight Oil, was performing at the Basement with
Paul Greene (folk rocker and former Olympian) when he paused mid-set to
recount how their gig at Byron Bay the week before had been hijacked by a
Labor's candidate for distant Kingsford Smith, Peter Garrett, was in the Bay
and phoned Hirst to ask if he could join him and Greene on stage that night
after addressing a meeting of the faithful.
Hirst told punters at the Basement last Thursday that he was not at all
impressed but agreed, after a long silence, saying: "OK. If I can come on
the campaign trail with you ... and support the Greens."
It went downhill from there, with Hirst and Greene turning up at the venue
to see Garrett's name "up in lights" on the board outside the Rails venue
and themselves relegated to jobbing musicians.
Hirst said Garrett's "couple of songs" turned into a half-hour ALP rant.
Introducing the only Oils song he and Greene performed at the Basement, My
Country, Hirst said "Peter got up the other night and sang this song. And
forgot all the words. Of course. Just like the old days."


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>What three numbers?
>--- marty <martinhoare at bigpond.com> wrote:
> > for those who dont know yet
> > on saturday nite hirst and greene played at the
> > byron bay hotel and it went off
> > ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
> > then pete walked in withhis own security guards
> > ,,,yes with ear peices ,,,,,and walky talkys.....
> > and jumped up on stage and did three numbers,,,,
> > i always miss the great gigs
> > marty

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