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Nathan Arrowsmith nathan at nathanarrowsmith.com
Thu Sep 9 06:19:14 MDT 2004

I have seriously considered voting Labor this election but a couple of
things got me, and they were both Liberal policies passed by Labor. One
was banning same sex marriage and the other was passing the US 'free
trade' agreement. Latham certainly is a breath of fresh air but still
too far to the right for my liking.

I'll be voting Green again with Labor getting 2nd preference. I'd like
to see Bob Brown as PM as much as I'd like to see PG in the seat.
Whichever way the election goes, it's going to be a cliffhanger.


[name removed] wrote:

> Well mate I strongly disagree,
> I applied for my membership to the ALP in about march this year.
> There is good reason I did it too, I was really turned on by what
> Mark Latham has been doing and saying even before he became leader, and 
> the day he got the numbers I was pumped
> because I could feel that the ALP was back on track to becoming
> our alternative government again.
> I caught up with Pete the other week at the pub, before a more
> formal ALP function in Melbourne later that night. The first thing
> I said was "congratulations mate! I always thought you would make this 
> move" and he said he was pleased because he has
> coped a lot of flak about his choice, though those that have known him 
> well are very supportive and thought it was the obvious choice too.
> I explained that it was Mark's move to the front line that really
> got my juices flowing (politically!) and that there was a great
> spirit and vibe in the grass roots areas of the party that I have
> been working and that you could feel that the reformist and
> progressive heart was back in the party and that it's the right
> time to get involved and make a difference. Had a good chat
> about the old oils days and other things too (as Pete was more than 
> happy to take off the political hat for a while and catch up).
> Though the thing that got me was that it was the most gentle
> and grounded I have ever seen Pete and it surely is not about
> a Peter Garrett power trip, though a "I hope I can do whatever I
> can to give Aussies a better go trip". Now that's pretty refreshing
> in politics and I wish Mark Latham and his crew the best of luck
> in making Aus a place to be proud of again.
> As far as ALP policy goes too... I was doing some work at train
> stations yesterday and handing out cards for Lindsay Tanner
> (Federal Labor Member for Melbourne) and I have one here
> now and I thought I might quote some of the Labor policy on the back of 
> these cards on a few issues...
> * invest $1.9 billion to revive Medicare and restore bulk billing.
> * provide free dental care for pensioners and concession card
>  holders.
> * fund pneumococcal, chicken pox and polio vaccinations for all
>   children.
> * tackle childhood obesity and ban junk food ads on children's
>  TV.
> * remove all children from detention.
> * restrict mandatory detention to 90 days for health, security and
>  identity checks.
> * end the Pacific Solution incarceration of asylum seekers in
>  other countries.
> * restrict Temporary Protection Visas to a one-off two year period
>  followed by permanent refugee status.
> * create 20,000 new university places and 20,000 new TAFE
>  places.
> * abolish full fees at universities and reverse John Howard's 25
>  per cent HECS increase.
> * scrap John Howard's bonanza for wealthy private schools and
>  all schools on a needs basis.
> * establish a Youth Guarantee so all school leavers move on to
>  training or work.
> * save the Murray-Darling river system through increased
>  environment flows.
> * ratify the Kyoto Protocol on climate change and develop a
>  national emissions trading system.
> * raise the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target to 5% by 2010.
> * protect our fragile beaches by stopping inappropriate coastal
>  development.
> * ban free plastic bags in supermarkets.
> Now that's some good policy to my ears, who will I be voting
> for to make the most out of my efforts to get rid of the forth reich
> I wonder.
> Cheers,
> Damien.
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