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Jeff McLean jeffm at jeack.com.au
Wed Sep 8 16:50:28 MDT 2004

interesting message.

there's another way to look at it.  there's some wonderful people in the
labour (and liberal) party and thankfully they are there, working away,
usually facelessly.  

if not, our policies would go to the dogs even more and be dicated to by
selfish systems buoyed by media commentary and air time.

we need more PGs in the labour and liberal parties - don't stop them going
there by not voting for them; it's the only way reason will be seen and
have a better chance in the parties.  

if we elect more people who are sensitive to these issues, they have a
better chance of being delivered as policy through the major (and minor)
parties.  i believe peter will continue campaigning within the labor party
strongly for the issues he feels strongest about.  i hope it's not blind
faith, but i can see why he's doing what he purports to be doing and i'd
need to see SOLID evidence to convince me of the opposite (not just someone
raving about one thing he may have done contrary to my expectations - i've
heard some of these over the years, and quite frankly, believe they've been
"tall poppy"-type misrepresentations of the bloke. anyway, i digress...)

on the other hand, w.r.t how we should vote, if you live in kingsford, and
you believe what peter is doing, then vote for him.  get him in so he can
continue to speak strongly in  the party, and if he wins the seat in the
election, he'll do it with power behind him.  similarly, in other seats, if
you truly believe your labor or liberal candidate is a good person vying
for decent unselfish principles, vote the "bastards" IN!!!  

if neither of the previous apply, make your vote count the most effective
way - avoid the bloody "how to vote" cards, and make up your own mind.  for
mine, i put minor parties first and ensure the major parties are right down
the bottom ("left to right" for the last positions of course), and if
there's any nazi-type independents, i'll vote for them after the main
parties.  i wish everyone would vote like that.  

don't fall for the same old bullshit - "oh, don't bother voting for anyone
else - it's gonna be one or the other of the two major parties."  

if you do this, you undermine the great aspects of our system.

well, that's enough of my ranting for the moment.

enjoy the vote, and the vote count, and may the best team win.  go dons!!!

>to all powderworkers and i havent been in touch with you guys latley as >i
didnt want any of you guys to banish me as what i am about to >deliver..
>i have been an oil fan since 1978 and do remember all the ealy gigs as
>well as going with them right through the dead heart and rednck and even
>the born again christian breathe 
>era,,,but buggered if i will sit back and feel proud about pete joining
>the .labour party,,,,i am ashamed of him and have tried to contact him
>several times,,,i spoke to rob hirst on saturday nite and he basically
>agreed with me all but saying it,,,
>if the world wants real change it will never happen by our green heroes
>joining a party of liars and conmen who cover there arses by pretending
>to be socialists and enviromentalists and working for the greater
>if he had of joined the liberal party we would have all wanted his
>head,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i got news for you,,,
>todays labour party is and has the same veiws as yesterdays liberal >party
>when we threw ourselves in front of bulldozers in tasmainia;;;;;
>i grew up with my dad a member of the labour party going to meetings as >a
6 year old with a sleeping bag and a book,,
>and i know how the labour party and liberal parties operate;;;
>independent and green are the only way to rid ourselves of this redneck
>wonderland,,if not in my life time maybe in my kids ,,spread the
>i mean  can anyone out there tell me honestly that he will make a
>many have tried before;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
>politics is politics
>my appologies to anyone with the dreams that voting labour because of
>pete  will
>1.free refugees
>2 stop oil tankers near the barrier reef
>3 reduce green house admissions
>4  create employment in forestry areas
>5 stop urban sprawl
>6 clean our beaches
>7 reduce rap homie crap coming out of 4 cylinder hyundis
> the last one i think is impossible
>anyway if anyone agrees with one thing  please consider voting for your
>local independent or green candidate in our next election
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