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[Powderworks] Former Oils frontman hits the notes on campaign trail

Nathan Arrowsmith nathan at nathanarrowsmith.com
Fri Sep 3 00:27:24 MDT 2004

Former Oils frontman hits the notes on campaign trail

The federal Labor Party's election campaign hit a new note last night in 
the marginal seat of Richmond on the New South Wales north coast.

Last night, Labor candidate for the Sydney seat of Kingsford Smith Peter 
Garrett hit the federal campaign trail at a pub in Byron Bay.

A margin of just 1.7 per cent separates Government Minister, the 
National Party's Larry Anthony from Labor candidate Justine Elliot.

The crowd got more than they bargained for when the former Midnight Oil 
frontman hung up his suit, picked up the microphone and performed live.

Mr Garrett says it was just about old friends catching up.

"Look it was just an opportunity because Rob Hirst who was the drummer 
in the Oils was here with his colleague, and they said look why don't 
you come up and do just a couple of songs for fun," he said.

Whether or not political mileage was made, the crowd was clearly pleased 
to have the Oils back again, at least for a moment.