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Thu Sep 2 03:16:51 MDT 2004

> 1. what's your name? Stephen
> 2. where do you live? Just outside London, UK
> 3. how old are you? 31
> 4. what do you do for a living? Duty Manager at American Airlines
> 5. what was the first song you heard by the Oils? Beds Are Burning
> 6. how old were you when you heard it? 16
> 7. what are your two favorite albums, from one extreme to the other? 
> Redneck Wonderland and Head Injuries
> 8. favorite energetic song? Lucky Countrry
> 9. favorite slow song? Burnie (scream in blue version)
> 10. what song(s) defines the Oils? Each Oils songs can only be an oils song. 
> 11. what song is *least* characteristic of the Oils? One Too Many Times
> 12. Martin or Jim? Jim
> 13. what Oils song did you absolutely hate at first and now love? Nothing Lost and Nothing Gained
> 14. did you buy any Oils releases totally on faith, without having heard a 
> single song before buying it? After hearding Diesel and Dust I bought each preceding album without hearing anything. In later years I'd buy their album without hearing anything as they got no radio play in the UK after Truganini was released.
> 15. do you play any instruments? Triangle and tamborine :-)
> 16. if you could go to any ONE place mentioned in an Oils song, where would
> you go? Antartica
> 17. have the Oils ever inspired you to take any direct action as part of any environmental/social activist cause? No
> 18. have you ever had any Oils-related dreams? That they will reform for a gig and I'm in the front row.
> 19. Bones or Giffo? Bones
> 20. what forgotten song deserves another spin? Naked Flame

NP - Three Fish - The Quiet Table.

'This is a mad house.....you'll be lucky to make it till Tuesday'


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