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[Powderworks] Projet Orange! (shameless plug)

David Schultz davidschultz5000 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 26 10:37:33 MDT 2004

Hey guys n gals,
This is an utterly shameless plug for my fave Quebec band, (and one of current faves period) Projet Orange.
Their new bilingual record Megaphobe is out today. You mighta heard the songs "Tell All Your Friends" and "Les Geants" (also getting lotsa rotation on MM and M+, so you mighta seen em).
I went ot the Montreal album launch Thursday & it sounds great, plus they are some seriously nice guys who deserve success.
Also playing soon near you!
Nov 4 - w Tea Party in Quebec, Capitole
Nov 5 - w Tea Party in Mtl, Metropolis
Nov 7 - Ottawa, Zaphod's
Dec 29 & 31 - w Eric Lapointe, Metropolis
More at http://www.projetorange.com
Now back to your regular programming...

David Schultz
Sainte-Julie né Ottawa

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