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[Powderworks] Jim in Darwin

sweetapj at bellsouth.net sweetapj at bellsouth.net
Mon Oct 25 16:14:02 MDT 2004

Someone was just asking if Jim had been in Darwin.  Yep!
Got this blurb from a Darwin pal:

Psst?  Want the good oil?
The Territory has a lot of talented musicians whose names you will probably see in lights in the very near future.
That's the word from former Midnight Oil guitarist Jim Moginie.
Moginie, who was with the band for 25 years and 14 albums, was recently in Darwin to conduct contemporary music courses at Charles Darwin University.
The courses allowed a different learning environment for indigenous students from remote communities.
Yaturlu Yaturlu, from Lajamanu in Central Australia, was one of the bands Mr. Moginie worked with.
"I helped them with their songs and taught them how to get to the heart of music," Mr. Moginie said.
"They are a great little band, are natural players and can play everything."
"They certainly are very talented and their music delivers a message."
"I'm sure they will have a great future."
"A lot of good music comes out of desert communities but unfortunately it doesn't get a go."
At the end of the week-long course, Moginie and the band recorded a number of songs.
Other respected artists to act as mentors on the course included legendary composer Paul Grabowsky, Melbourne-based trombone player Ben Gillespie, singer and songwriter Mick Thomas, formerly with Weddings, Parties, Anything and turntable artist and producer DJ Dexter.

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